Wie aus den Quarry Men die Beatles wurden


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The Beginning

The Quarry Men was formed by John Lennon and Pete Shotton. At first they were named The Black Jacks but as they both attended The Quarry Band High School and because their school song contained the line "Quarry Men, strong before our birth" they changed name to The Quarry Men.

The members of The Quarry Men changed all the time. Some of the early members of the group was:

John Lennon: Vocal & "Guitar"

Pete Shotton: Washboard.

Bill Smith: Tea-chest bass.

Eric Griffiths: Guitar

Rod Davis: Banjo

Colin Hanton: Drums

Ivan Vaughan: Bass

Len Garry; Bass

Nigel Whalley: Bass

Paul McCartney Joins The Group

Paul McCartney saw The Quarry Men for the first time on Saturday 6 July 1957. It was Ivan Vaughan that told him about the gig and asked him if he would like to come see them. Ivan knew John from Dovendale Primary and had been a member of the group. Now both Paul and Ivan went to the Liverpool Institute and therefor he knew both Paul and John very well. As we almost all known Paul said yes to the invitation and in a break Ivan Vaughan introduced Paul McCartney to John Lennon. Paul impressed John by playing and singing perfect versions of Twenty Flight Rock and Be-Bop-A-Lula which just had been released in Britain by Eddie Cochran and was huge hits. Nobody in The Quarry Men new the right chords or the right lyrics to none of these songs so John was indeed impressed. On top of that Paul could tune a guitar something John and Eric Griffiths until this point had to have done in a shop in Kings Drive Woolton.

After Johns first meeting with Paul he was a little unsure if he would let Paul join the group. If he did, he knew that the group definitely would become stronger, but this would at the same time reduce his leading role in the group. Though John had a major ego the decision was not that tough after all. John wanted to move forward musically and to achieve this he had to get better musicians to join group. A few days after he for the first time met Paul he sent Ivan Vaughan out to ask Paul if would join the group. Paul remembers that one day while cycling he met Ivan Vaughan who then asked him. After thinking about it for a while Paul said yes.

Paul missed the first gig The Quarry Men had after he had become a member. The gig was on Wednesday 7 August 1957 at the Cavern Jazz Club which later would become like a home for The Beatles. Paul was away on a scout camp together with his brother Michael McCartney.

The lineup was at this point:

John Lennon: Vocal & "Guitar"

Eric Griffiths: Guitar

Colin Hanton: Drums

Rod Davis: Banjo

Pete Shotton: Washboard

Len Garry: Bass

On Friday 18 October 1957 Paul McCartney had his debut with The Quarry Men at New Clubmoor Hall. Paul was very nervous and made a lot of mistakes, on their visiting card the promoter Charlie McBain wrote "Good & Bad".

The lineup was at this point:

John Lennon: Vocal & "Guitar"

Paul McCartney: Guitar & Vocal

Eric Griffiths: Guitar

Colin Hanton: Drums

Len Garry: Bass

George Harrison Joins The Group

1957 was a good year for The Quarry Men with many gigs (by Quarry Men standards) and Paul McCartney joining the group. 1958 was more dull with very few gigs that wasn't held at family parties. But 58 also had some good events. One of them was that George Harrison joined the group in early 58. It is a little bit uncertain when he met with The Quarry Men for the first time. George Harrison himself remembers (and this is the most likely story) that he met The Quarry Men at Wilson Hall on Thursday 6 February 1958. Colin Hanton remember meeting George Harrison for the first time on Thursday 13 March 1958 in The Morgue Skiffle Cellar. A third story comes from George Harrisons mother and she remembers that George met them in a chip shop. The final story comes from Pete Shotton and he remember that Paul McCartney led The Quarry Men to 25 Upton Green, Speke where George lived.

There is one thing we know for sure and that is that it was Paul McCartney that had the connection to George Harrison. George was (and is) one year younger than Paul and went like Paul to The Liverpool Institute. Because George also was very interested in playing the guitar Paul and George became good friends and often visited each other to practice the guitar. It is told that Paul for a longer period had been talking to John about George and that John wasn't very keen on having him in the group because he was too young. But when John finally met him and could see for himself that he was talented he allowed that George could attend when they were practicing and after a short period he automatically became a real member of the band.

1958 was also the year that saw some of the first Lennon and McCartney compositions. Especially Paul was writing a lot of songs. Some of the songs they wrote were:

In Spite Of All Danger

I Lost My Little Girl (Performed by Paul McCartney on his MTV Unplugged album).

Hot As Sun (Released on Paul McCartneys first solo album McCartney).

Love Me Do

The One After 909 (1963)

That's My Woman

Thinking Of Linking

Hello Little Girl (DECCA) ( The Beatles performed this song in their audtion at DECCA).

When I'm Sixty-Four

Years Roll Along

Keep Looking That Way

Just Fun

To Bad About Sorrows

Looking Glass (Instrumental)

Winston's Walk (Instrumental)


In mid 1958 The Quarry Men, except Colin Hanton, made their first and only record. John, Paul, George and John Lowe collected 17s 6d and went to Percy Phillips a 60 year old man who in 1955 had established his own little studio. In this studio The Quarry Men recorded That'll Be The Day and the McCartney-Harrison son In Spite Of All Danger. For more information follow this link: 1958.

The Quarry Men Split Up

In early 1959 The Quarry Men lost their drummer Colin Hanton after a gig in Prescot. All members of the group had been drinking and performed lousy and a fight had begun between the band members. On the way home in the bus Colin Hanton got off the bus a stop early and The Quarry Men never saw him again. But it was not only Colin Hanton that was unsatisfied with the group The Quarry Men did in fact split up. Only John, Paul and George stayed together under the name The Rainbow. At a point even George Harrison left the group to play with a group called Les Stewart Quartet.

George Harrisons membership of Les Stewart Quartet would become the reason why The Quarry Men was reunited. Les Stewart Quartet was booked to play at the opening of a new club for teenagers called The Casbah Coffee Club owned by Mrs. Mona Best (the mother of Pete Best). On the night of the opening Les Stewart got into a disagreement with the bass player Ken Brown and the group did split-up a few hours before the opening, leaving Ken Brown with the responsibility of finding a new group. He then asked George Harrison if he knew someone who could help out. George then contacted Paul and John and The Quarry Men reunited with the following lineup and played on the opening on Saturday 29 August 1959:

John Lennon: Vocal & Guitar.

Paul McCartney: Vocal & Guitar.

George Harrison: Vocal & Guitar.

Ken Brown: Bass.

When they were asked why they didn't have a drummer they said: "The rhythm is in the guitars."

Ken Brown was now a member of The Quarry Men but not for long. On Saturday 10 October 1959 Ken was suffering from a cold and could not play. When Mrs. Mona Best at the end of the evening should pay the band Paul McCartney argued that Ken wasn't entitle for any money while he hadn't played. John and George backed him up and Ken Brown left the group. While it was because of Ken that The Quarry Men played at the Casbah, where they had played every Saturday since Saturday 29 August 1959, The Quarry Men had no more gigs there for a long time. In fact it wasn't until they changed name to The Beatles and Pete Best joined the group, that they would play there again.


From The Quarry Men To The Beatles

Just about two years later than The Quarry Men contested in Mr Star-Maker on Sunday 9 June 1957 with no success, they were ready again on the Sundays 11, 18 and 25 October 1959 where new qualification rounds took place for the TV program. This time however under a new name: Johnny And The Moondogs.

During 1960 the group changed name several times. Each name represents a period in their career. Follow the links to read more about each period:

John Lennon and Paul McCartney brifely performed under the name The Nerk Twins in April 1960.

The Quarry Men becomes Johnny And The Moondogs.

Johnny And The Moondogs becomes The Beatals.

The Beatals becomes The Silver Beetles.

The Silver Beetles becomes The Silver Beatles.

The Silver Beatles becomes The Beatles